Namesort icon Job title Organization Interests Attending
Doug Campbell
Doug Campbell's picture
Web Manager Intranet Scottish Government Intranets, Migration, Security Yes
Emma McCall
Marketing & Events Executive Balfour + Manson Yes
apple zhang
videomaker webdesigner 9dvisual web design, video animation production, elearning course design Yes
Robert Carr
rob's picture
Cognimatic Limited Information Architecture Yes
Lilly Hunter
Lilly Hunter's picture
Marketing and Communications Coordinator SETN Drupal in the field. I administer a brand new Drupal site, looking to hear others' experiences. Yes
Xi Bai
Phd student University of Edinburgh Web programming and Data Integration Yes
Chris Spence
Jamie Hollern
Web developer Yes
David Elsmore
Web Architect National e-Science Centre Drupal Installation Profiles, Drupal Multisite Yes
Tom Kane
Senior ICT Consultant Prescience Communications Communications-rich websites, Videoconferencing, Open-Knowledge Yes
Stewart McLay
Jonathan Manning
pinin4fjords's picture
Bioinformatician Cardiovascular Science, University of Edinburgh Bioinformatics, wikis, CMS, amateur on scalability + sysadmin, science communication. Drupal projects include and Yes
Duncan Davidson
duncan's picture
Senior Web Analyst Informatics Ventures Yes
Jan Domozilov
Student UoE Yes
Eddie Boyle
edog2011's picture
Web Developer University of Edinburgh Using the Drupal CMS for building dynamic, manageable and scaleable websites that meet the specific requirements of multi-institution research consortia, enabling effective collaboration and dissemination of research-related activities. In the past 2 years I have built 4 Drupal-based websites: the SFC-funded Engineering Research Partnership (, the University of Edinburgh School of Engineering (, the EPSRC-funded UK-China Science Bridges (4G Wireless Mobile Communications) project ( and the EPSRC-funded Community Organisation of Events in Communications, Mobile Computing and Networking coordination activity ( Yes
PinHsuan Chen
Michal Dziemianko
Nic Wistreich
Netribution Design, writing, basic development, project management, filmmaking, CiviCRM, fundraising Yes
David Ross
Digijuice's picture
Director Digijuice Ltd Yes
Christelle Robert
crobert's picture
Bioinformatician Research fellow Edinburgh University Data management and website development to support biological needs. Yes
AE O'Donnell
Clare Campbell
Support Accountant FreeAgent Central Accounting, Cloud computing, E-commerce Yes
John Garlinge
Developer JDG Web Yes
Cat Hirst
Developer Yes
Jill Tivey
Ewan Klein
School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh Drupal 7 theming, RDF, CiviCRM, Drush Yes
Steven Park
Graeme Laurenson
MD actevate Yes
Anna Publico-Ong
Director PICODELIQ Drupal for business, Mobile Apps Yes
Angela Greenwood
Roobarb Media Yes
Martin Morrey
mmorrey's picture
IS Web Editor University of Edinburgh Scalability, Migration, Information Architecture, Mobile Web, Social Media integration, Personalisation, Web Services, jQuery Yes
Anthony Hood
matrixspear's picture
Information Technologist Distributions, Drupal in the Cloud, SAAS, Website Security, Performance & Scalability, UX, Tips and Tricks, Geolocation, Scrum Yes
Rachel Findlay
rachelf's picture
Partner Ian Findlay Design Yes
Martin Fraser
darksnow's picture
Freelance Software Engineer Yes
Duvien Trang
duvien's picture
Drupal Themer D7 Theming, Drupal Staging --> Deployment, Drupal Commerce No
Adrian Richardson
Curation Tools and Services Developer Digital Curation Centre Yes
Alison Downie
User Support Manager University of Edinburgh, School of Informatics Yes
Alex Carter
Multimedia Team Manager The University of Edinburgh Yes
Thanasis Vogogias
Programmer and Linux Systems Administrator BioSS Yes
Gerry Ong
Web designer / developer PICODELIQ Drupal, apps Yes
Paul Linney
Web Developer Roobarb Yes
Fiona Thomson
Johnny Murray
E Learning Tech/It Tech City of Glasgow College Yes
Callum Macdonald
Gareth Alexander
the_g_bomb's picture
Web applications developer GA Web Development Site building, Theme development, Module development, Server optimisation, SEO, Interested in processes tools and workflows that help streamline development Yes
Joachim Noreiko
joachim's picture
Drupal developer Drupal, services, CRM, cake. Yes
Mike Cain
Mike Cain's picture
Development Director CES Services Management Ltd Yes
Jonathan Sutcliffe
jsutcliffe's picture
Front-end developer Civic Drupal, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, jQuery, WordPress, PHP Yes
Jacqueline Aim
elearning Developer LTS, University of Edinburgh Multimedia Yes
Emily Dodd
auntyemily's picture
Consultant film audio writer education storyteller Sustainable Stories Education, Environment, Storytelling, Social Media, Podcast, Film Making, Blogging No
Jackie Marsh
Ealanta Ltd Yes
Heather Larnach
Web Developer University of Edinburgh No
Liaqat Gul
Web Developer NHS Yes
Arthur Wilson
jacouse's picture
Web Developer University of Edinburgh panels, views, taxonomies. Yes
Michael Clouser
clouser's picture
Lecturer University of Edinburgh eLearning, eCommerce Yes
Paul Drake
Independent / NHS Scheduling, Linux, R, Filemaker, NHS, Rota planning, open source Yes
Jakub Suchy
Ianthe Hind
ianthe's picture
Information Systems Developer University of Edinburgh design, teaching, beautiful code. Yes
Peter Barnett
peterbarnett's picture
Web Developer Freelance Integration, Web Standards, Usability, Clean Markup, XHTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3 Yes
Lynne Robertson
e-Learning Developer The University of Edinburgh wordpress, frameworks, flash/AS3, CSS3 Yes
Victoria Krivonos
Account executive CIVIC Yes
Alastair Scobie
Head of IT School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh Yes
Paul Watson
Web Designer Roobarb Yes
Miles MacCalman
Web Programme Manager University of Edinburgh - Scalability for large scale, single instance environments, - Usability of interfaces, - Configuration options to restrict non-technical authors to publish only standards compliment code, - Input templates that avoid the need to know about HTML/restrict access to HTML interfaces, - Input templates strip out unnecessary code from content pasted from sources such as MS Word Yes
Rob Schmitt
Nicola Symmers
University of Edinburgh Yes
Ben Crosbie
student/Drupal hobbyist Jewel and Esk College WebTV, Multimedia, HTML5, AJAX, Aggregation, Project Management Yes
Aldona Gosnell
Web Developer/Manager Edinburgh University Yes
David McKain
Applications Consultant University of Edinburgh Yes
Eric Delhoulle
edelhoulle's picture
IT Project Coordinator Piette Communication I'm a Millennial's boy from Belgium. I'm passionated by new technologies and traveling. Yes
Balazs Dianiska
Diarmy Simpson
Click Click Click Yes
Lewis Carver
Copywriter/Web Developer University of Edinburgh CMS Yes
Rebecca Genin
Director Surf PR Social Media, Design, Digital communications No
Nicholas Wilson
nicholasstuartwilson's picture
Technical Consultant Actevate Yes
Ronald MacDonald
Student BMus student at the University but with a background in Drupal dev. Yes
Michal Rehak
MD Devmates Ltd D7, security, performance No
david oulton
Digital marketer University of Edinburgh Yes
Euan Cameron
Don Liversedge
IT Tester / Trainer CES Services Management Ltd Website Development Yes
Milk Miruku
Jonathan Brown
jbrown's picture
Blue Droplet Media Yes
Richard Jones
CTO i-KOS Ltd Yes
Paola Di Maio
System Engineer Knowledge systems Yes
Paul Milne
Paul Milne's picture
Web and Documentation Officer EDINA, University of Edinburgh Web development, CMS, Drupal - converting existing sites to Drupal. Yes
Devon Walshe
Publisher The Journal Yes
Joanna Sharman
IUPHAR database developer University of Edinburgh Yes
Lisa Sharpe
eLearning Developer University of Edinburgh Yes
Ian Fieldhouse
Software Engineer University of Edinburgh (EDINA) Yes
Matt Burns
Web Architect The University of Edinburgh Yes
Marcin Dancewicz
director Expanding Web web development Yes
Neil Allison
Website Development Project Manager University of Edinburgh Learning more about Drupal, its scalability and the support network in Scotland/UK. Yes
V N Lalitha Pavani Akella
Developer CES Services Management Ltd Yes
Ella Taylor-Smith
Senior research fellow Edinburgh Napier University Art -building a gallery website, Social Informatics Yes
Jonathan Miles
Technical Director Eaglewood Systems Limited Plug-in architecture and how to integrate Drupal with ERP systems like our "Administrate" product. Yes
gino ahmad
web developer self employed web frameworks, drupal, wordpress, other CMS Yes
Tom Clive
Digital Projects CoSLA Yes
Andy Grant
Web Consultant Andy Grant Limited Public sector Yes